Magnus @ Captain Cook Hotel

Captain Cook Hotel, 1/162 Flinders St, Paddington, NSW

Sailing the surreal desert seas, some stoner rock to take you away from wherever you aren't.

Magnus. "The band clearly likes to tease and with terrific self-confidence in their undoubted abilities the approach does create a lively anxiousness within their music." - Sydney Morning Herald "Numbing hooks tied with groovy basslines, jam-worthy riffs and a voice so goddamn powerful the US are using it to overthrow Russia." - Blunt Magazine

mumbofish Having just returned from a six month break from playing live, Mumbofish (formerly Driftwood) are back with a new name and three new tracks ready to be released over the coming weeks. The Sydney-based four-piece band takes influence from a range of styles, but most notably from bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Kings of Leon, and Led Zeppelin.

The band’s 2015 debut EP “Flowin’” was supported by live shows across Sydney, at venues including Frankie’s Pizza, Brighton Up Bar, Manly Boat Shed, The Record Crate, The Lair, and more. Their energetic new live set in support of the upcoming releases builds on this experience, mixing the old with the new, including brand new material as well as songs from their debut.

Find mumbofish on Triple J Unearthed at www.

AVER "AVER might just be the best space-rock/stoner act yet to emerge from Australia" - Doomantia

Formed in the astral plane in 2008, AVER are a heavy psych band from the sun-bleached shores of Sydney, Australia. Their debut self-titled DIY album titillated ear canals and laid the tracks for their acclaimed sophomore effort, Nadir, a booming psychedelic behemoth slab of sonic waves that has enraptured and charmed those who have taken the hour long trip. Nadir will be available worldwide through Ripple Music In the near future.

When not waking neighbors or ruining Christmas, AVER butters listeners up with riffs sensuously snaking around spines and intricate rhythms bouncing between synapses. A torrent of celestial hail dancing the dance they danced at the dawn of the man inside your skull. Some bands claim they can be your life, AVER are bigger than that. AVER are a churning cauldron of bubbling aural ayahuasca guaranteed to enliven the apathetic and deep clean your third ear.

"AVER might just be the best space-rock, stoner-metal act yet to emerge from Australia" - Doomantia "For crying out loud don't let this album pass you by!" - Ride With The Devil

"Nadir is a powerful and emotional album that's going to end up on a few peoples best of 2015 albums lists, including mine. Do yourself a favour and buy this album now. You won't be sorry." - The Sludgelord